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Greater Boston buyers proved hardy despite the snow, according to The Warren Group.

3/26/2015 4:23:53 PM

Fort Point’s past life is filled with manufacturers and warehouses that still be exist today, but in a different light.

3/26/2015 4:23:43 PM

Only a few parts of Boston have official “historic” status. Do you live in one of them?

3/26/2015 2:46:21 PM

3/26/2015 11:50:13 AM

3/26/2015 8:37:16 AM

As caretakers of the oldest house built in Wakefield, a young couple found a great way to save money while preserving a town’s history.

3/26/2015 7:50:00 AM

The South End was originally intended for the wealthy.

3/26/2015 7:41:40 AM

3/25/2015 1:29:21 PM

Blame the weather – again. Existing home sales in the Northeast were less than impressive in February.

3/25/2015 7:37:29 AM

The condos connected to the Natick Mall were ridiculed in 2009, when it was built during the economic downtown.

3/24/2015 9:55:28 AM

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Wherever houses are haunted by misfortune, Teru Oshima wants to hear about it. He built one of Japan’s most popular real-estate websites by mapping properties with histories of ghastly events.

11/28/2014 1:35:06 AM

David Simon's plan to build a retail real-estate empire in Europe similar to the one his family built in the U.S. took a big step with the planned merger between France's Klépierre and Dutch rival Corio.

8/27/2014 12:32:10 AM

Rents for residential units are rising amid sluggish demand for office space, flipping the traditional economic relationship between residential and commercial real estate.

5/16/2014 3:12:19 PM

Blackstone Group is preparing to sell its La Quinta hotel chain, valuing the limited-service hotel operator at about $4.5 billion, including debt.

9/21/2013 8:59:46 AM

China's central bank said it would strengthen its monitoring of default risk from loans to the property sector, local government financing companies and industries struggling with overcapacity.

5/6/2014 10:12:10 PM

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An interior designer is selling her recently built, 3,853-square-foot home for $2.15 million. ‘The inspiration came from my youth’ growing up in historic Natchez, Miss., she says.

3/25/2015 10:02:16 AM

A fight over construction of a Frank Lloyd Wright has divided a peaceful British village.

3/25/2015 3:53:32 PM

Owned by the late Nick Vanoff, the home is about 8,800 square feet with nine bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

3/24/2015 8:34:23 AM

The Tony-winning actress recalls a lively childhood home in Dallas

3/25/2015 4:28:51 PM

More developers and investors are racing to build increasingly lavish homes on spec. Built on prime lots, many of these homes are also attempting to break new price records.

3/22/2015 11:22:47 AM

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