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8/29/2014 7:44:24 PM

Because everyone loves rankings so much, here’s another one about Boston. See how the Hub stacks up in terms of cultural offerings.

8/29/2014 6:07:51 PM

Housing prices compared to average household income in Canada are currently at historical highs and among the highest in the world.

8/29/2014 5:40:22 PM

Welcome to Boston.

8/29/2014 5:19:13 PM

Get to know this neighborhood.

8/29/2014 4:52:48 PM

8/29/2014 4:51:24 PM

Most Boston renters are tied to a schedule that’s perfect for college students, but miserable for everyone else.

8/29/2014 4:50:46 PM

I fell for you. I could find no fault. The sidewalks glittered with possibility. But what seems perfect at first glance never is. And over time, the rose-colored glasses were clouded by the smoke from car arson, and I began to see you differently. Those sidewalks glittering with possibilities? Turns out it was just broken glass.

8/29/2014 3:52:19 PM

September 1 is the day most rental leases turn over in Boston. If you’re trying to find a roomie on Craigslist, you might want to take some tips from these pros.

8/29/2014 3:50:26 PM

8/29/2014 3:43:52 PM

Wall Street Journal Buying & Selling Buying & Selling

David Simon's plan to build a retail real-estate empire in Europe similar to the one his family built in the U.S. took a big step with the planned merger between France's Klépierre and Dutch rival Corio.

8/27/2014 12:32:10 AM

Rents for residential units are rising amid sluggish demand for office space, flipping the traditional economic relationship between residential and commercial real estate.

5/16/2014 3:12:19 PM

Blackstone Group is preparing to sell its La Quinta hotel chain, valuing the limited-service hotel operator at about $4.5 billion, including debt.

9/21/2013 8:59:46 AM

China's central bank said it would strengthen its monitoring of default risk from loans to the property sector, local government financing companies and industries struggling with overcapacity.

5/6/2014 10:12:10 PM

A Montessori school that made its home in a 50-foot-wide stone palace since 1970 has closed, making way for what could be the most expensive private mansion ever sold, not only in Park Slope but in all of Brooklyn.

11/13/2012 8:43:08 PM

Wall Street Journal Real Estate Real Estate

This farm comes with views, a pond and a tree nursery

8/27/2014 9:46:39 AM

Don Peebles, the son of a mechanic, built a real-estate empire that includes three palatial family homes; meals sent up by dumbwaiter.

8/28/2014 9:31:56 PM

A German study says living near—but not too near—a house of worship results in a 4.8% price bump

8/28/2014 11:57:06 AM

London homeowners who have maximized the square footage in their attics and basements are now building a backyard 'shoffice,' a cross between a shed and an office.

8/28/2014 5:07:32 PM

On the 49th floor of the Marquis Residences, across the street from American Airlines Arena, the two-story condo is 5,475 square feet

8/28/2014 9:35:02 PM

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This week, Mat and Mike talk about the latest leaks out of Cupertino, the ongoing fight between Uber and Lyft, and the hot gadget on everyone's holiday wish list, the Knee Defender.

8/29/2014 4:31:40 PM

Ok, this isn’t really math. Let’s instead call this a plain old model (you could argue it’s math if you like). Suppose I look at the historical progression of features on the previous iPhones. Could I use this to make a prediction about future iPhone models? In particular, what can I say about the rumored […]

8/29/2014 4:16:08 PM

Did Nintendo announce that, or was it a leak? Rumors become facts on this week's Game|Life podcast.

8/29/2014 2:13:02 PM

There’s little question that we live in an era that values time with an on-demand solution for nearly every need. While the desire for ultimate convenience isn’t entirely new in the food industry, it is just now becoming more seamless through the proliferation of digital consumer technology. In the US, we often associate food delivery […]

8/29/2014 1:57:31 PM

Despite their slow speeds, blimps are notoriously difficult to fly.

8/29/2014 1:57:30 PM

One of the most distinctive physical features of the human brain is the fact that the cortex is divided into two hemispheres. The main connection between the two halves is a thick bundle of fibers called the corpus callosum. This is no quiet lane, it’s a major freeway constituting around 200 million neural tracts. In […]

8/29/2014 1:11:15 PM

Like most people I spend much of the day digitally connected, gazing at screens that make my life and work more interesting and productive. Yet for all the positives that connectivity provides us there’s also a downside lurking in those glowing pixels. They’re just not real. So as we extend our Internet time, we risk […]

8/29/2014 12:25:04 PM

Most startups want to grow as fast as they can. For many in the tech game, including as Paul Graham, the founder Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s hottest startup incubators, rapid growth is the very definition of a startup. So called “growth hackers” obsess over A/B testing and analytics, trying to maximize app downloads […]

8/29/2014 11:39:19 AM

The New Nintendo 3DS, out October 11 in Japan, will have more processing power and more buttons, just the thing for the hardcore gamers Nintendo is now pursuing with gusto.

8/29/2014 10:53:07 AM

Yesterday we had two eruptions grab everyone’s attention – one from the area that has had everyone’s attention between Iceland’s Bárðarbunga and Askja in the Holuhraun lava field and one unexpected eruption from the Tavurvur cone in the Rabaul Caldera of Papua New Guinea. The Icelandic eruption that everyone has been waiting for ended up being small, lasting […]

8/29/2014 9:20:50 AM